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Biomass is known as the all-rounder among the renewable energy sources  

Biomass is defined as solar energy that is conserved in plants like for example wood, straw, grass, weed, sugar, oily plants liquid manure, dung, biological waste and residue. When biomass is burned to generate energy, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted is largely limited to the amount that the plants have previously bound during their lifetime. Therefore, using biomass to generate energy helps significantly to reduce CO2 emission.


Bio-Based Plastics and Sustainability


The most common uses of plastics, polyethylene and polypropylene, are produced by adding fossil crude oil. An alternative that has a positive effect on sustainability and the climate protection goals is, to replace these fossils fuels with biomass, such as bioethanol made from sugar canes or used cooking oil. Furthermore, plastics that are sustainable and biodegradable are likely to become of great importance for the industry.  



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